“We Love Mickey!” 大街投影盛演

香港迪士尼樂園 | Hong Kong Disneyland

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想參加為米奇度身訂造的驚喜派對,夜晚記得留在美國大街小鎮欣賞全新“We Love Mickey!”大街投影盛演!你還可以一覽米奇歷年的造型,快看看其中你認到多少個!米奇還會在派對盛裝現身,千萬要留到派對的最後呀!!

Join us at Hong Kong Disneyland as we take you through Mickey's memorable adventures and amazing transformation through the decades. Don't miss our new We Love Mickey nighttime projection show on Main Street USA, and be sure to stay until the end to see Mickey Mouse himself.

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